The Cotillion Ball Series is being published by Crimson Romance. There will be nine books in total. Book #7, Expressly Yours, Samantha, features the youngest boy in the family, Valerian, who joins the Pony Express as it begins operation and befriends a young boy named Sam.

Book #8 is all about Pepper. She's a twin to Halwyn, and is the eldest in the family. When we are first introduced to her in Book One, she is already married, to Halwyn's college roommate, Michael, and is expecting their first child. But this is 1862, and the Civil War conflict has caused many men to die, including Michael. Pepper does her part for the Union and volunteers at the army hospital to take her mind off her sorrow.

Book #9 completes the series with Saffron's story. There's something about the first boy that kisses you that you can never forget. Even if it's taken three years for him to return.

What else do I have up my sleeve? How about a novella about how this series all began, with the courtship of Charlotte and George? It's called An Unconventional Courtship, and it's now available,  along with a bundle of the first three in the series. If you've only now found this series, the novella and bundle are a great way to get started.


BLAME IT ON THE BRONTES was my first contemporary novel,  published in 2013. Sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne have been feuding for twenty years, but are brought back together again in order to comply with their mother's will. Each sister, her struggles and her story, has a turn in the spotlight with an over-arcing plot. They have a year to figure out how to live with each other, and to find true happiness with the men of Puffin Harbor. The cover has been given a facelift, just in time for it to be revealed on the Barnes & Noble site, and other e-book outlets, as well as Amazon. Which cover do you prefer?
THE ROAD TO COMFORT was released in March, 2014.  It features an over-the-age-of-40 heroine, who finds her Prince Charming wears a Stetson rather than a coat of armor. And rides a vintage motorcycle. My friend, Terry Austin, gave me pointers on motorcycle terminology for this book, and has allowed me to use photos of his bike for my promotional efforts. What do you think of the 1947 Indian Chief?

VOICE OF AN ANGEL combines some of my favorite things--Washington, DC, country and folk music, mystery, intrigue and news reporting. Evelyn is living a lie, but it's become almost comfortable after twenty years. Max is a hard-nosed news reporter who's been forced to take a position on the Arts & Entertainment desk while he recuperates. He senses a story and starts to dig, even though it might signal the end of his budding relationship with Evelyn. 

A new contemporary trilogy is on the horizon, featuring three generations of women in the same family. No title yet, but here's the blurb for the first book: 

Nora Wilkins Sherwood’s life is in shambles. Her husband wants a divorce, her father just died, and she’s having to deal with her rebellious teenage daughter. In true Wilkins fashion, she flees to the lake to put the pieces of her life back together. The lake house at Barn Swallow Lake, or Wallow Lake, as her family refers to it, provides refuge in those first horrible weeks, when her daughter and soon-to-be-ex are in Paris. Once she pulls up her big girl panties, she decides to fulfill a lifelong ambition and open a home design store. It’s just a shame the ramshackle Victorian By The Lake has already been sold. To a handsome man with a huge dog. 

The last thing Nick Freeman wants is to get involved with another woman on the rebound. Been there, done that. What he wants is to get back to basics, which means getting his hands dirty rebuilding the old Queen Anne Victorian that he’s dreamt about for years, instead of running a million dollar company. He barely gets started when his Irish Wolfhound mows down a woman who is installing a patio by herself. As repayment for his dog’s bad behavior, Nick offers his help for the most difficult part of the install process. What he doesn’t count on is how much she’ll help him. 

Two broken souls use an old house and a new business partnership to come together. All in one magical summer at the lake.

The Barn Swallow Lake Trilogy
Three generations of women
Three broken hearts
Three summers at Wallow Lake to heal

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