Saturday, May 7, 2022

My Biggest Challenge Ever

When I published my first novel back in 2012 and had to quickly develop a website and find a readership, I thought I'd never done anything so challenging, so life changing. I could honestly refer to myself as an author. Well, now /i can add another moniker to my name. I am now a stroke survivor.

It happened  last October, right after I had written a scene for my current WIP. I'd like to say my writing knocked me off my feet but it didn't happen quite like like that. So now you know the reason for my six-month absence Long months in various nursing homes, working with physical therapists to get my right side to respond, two months spent with my sister from another mother, Linda, and yet some more therapists, and now, finally back home and more therapists. I still can't walk properly and I can't sign my name with my right hand like /i used to. I've come a long way but still have so far to go. But routine is returning and I'm starting to feel normal again.

I won't be posting every week like I had done for years, but it's part of my recovery process. See you soon.