Friday, September 20, 2013

TRR's Blog Hop--Day 8--Jude Deveraux

Of course, no tribute to writers who inspire me would be complete without mentioning Jude Deveraux. She is the one who first introduced me to time travel, a sub-genre I've come to adore. A Knight in Shining Armor has a place on my 'forever' shelf. Even though it's not the first book Jude wrote, and by no means her last, it holds a special place in my heart.

In the course of my many moves around the country, I lost the original version of this book and had to replace it with a later edition. In her notes in the front of the book, Jude explained that, after the initial release, some of her faithful followers were bothered by certain elements of the book, and she was glad for the opportunity to be able to make changes. So, even though I adored this book, the author saw room for improvement. That taught me a lot about how a manuscript is never finished. Now, when I think I'm done with a manuscript, I put it away for a couple days. When I pull it back out, I can invariably find something to correct. And I'm still dying to do what Jude did to write this book--hide away in a cabin in the woods for four months. I hope Jude inspires you, too..

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