Friday, November 22, 2013

All I Want For Christmas--Day 12

A very fitting conclusion to my Twelve Days Of Christmas tribute is my own story in the Soul Mate Christmas Anthology. This Old House a story near to my heart, since I've always wanted to take a grand old painted lady Victorian and restore her to her former glory. I haven't made it yet--my homes have been elderly, but not grand. In this story, Beth is a realtor who buys, restores, and flips old
homes one at a time. This time, the house hasn't garnered any interest, so she's decided to make it a stop on the town's Christmas homes tour. Here's the hook:

Two old friends find they have more in common than a Christmas birthday as they reunite after twenty years apart.

And my excerpt:

   “Tell me again why we’re participating in the Historic Homes Christmas tour?” Beth's assistant Hannah asked as she fastened pine boughs to the banister and draped the fireplace mantle. She added wide velvet ribbon, winding it in between the branches.
   “Six months without so much as a nibble of interest on this place is enough reason. So we’re putting on the lady’s party clothes and showing her off during the town’s Christmas tour,” Beth replied. “Such a lovely home. Brings back memories for me.”
   “You and this home had a connection even before you bought it and renovated?”
The snippet of history flashed through Beth’s mind and made her smile. “I know the family who owned this house. Which reminds me, where’s the mistletoe I bought?”
   “Quit being cryptic. What’s mistletoe got to do with anything?”
   Beth pointed to the small entry foyer. “The very first kiss of my life happened in that spot, under some mistletoe.”

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