Monday, June 2, 2014

The Romance Review's Sizzling Summer Blog Hop Is Hot!

Remember what it feels like to walk on hot sand in your bare feet on a hot summer day?

That's the Sizzling Summer Blog Hop.

One entire month to win prizes, gift cards, books, meet new authors, answer fun questions, and read steamy excerpts from new novels. What better way to fill up June?

On Thursday, June 5, you'll need to head over to TRR's site,, and look for my question about The Road To Comfort. Then, come here for the answer, which appears in the excerpt below:

"Holy shit." A narrow band of destruction was carved through the field of corn by the side of the road and the car was nowhere in sight. He jumped out of the truck and began to comb the ground, looking for tire tracks. Maybe it had already been towed away. Juliette was momentarily forgotten. 

She vaulted out of the truck cab and joined him beside the road. "What happened? Where's my car? Are you sure we're on the right road? The right place?" Her questions shot out of her in machine gun fashion. 

"Yeah, we're at the right place. It seems a small twister touched down after we left last night. Funny, I didn't hear any sirens when the storm came through. Must have been just a bitty one. But, see how the corn is mowed down?" He waved his hand in the general direction of the field. "It tore through the field and then jumped up here onto the highway and roared down the road." 

Juliette's face lost all its color. "You mean, my car just..." she whirled her hand through the air.

"Yep. And if you'd stayed here while I went for my truck, you'd be Dorothy." He imitated her whirl in the air. 

And barely caught her before she hit the ground in a dead faint. 

Here's what My Book Addiction had to say about The Road To Comfort:A deliciously exciting read by Ms. Lower! Such a fun and playful read.

And from The Reading CafeI loved The Road To Comfort, it was an endearing and smoky read. The words flowed, the pages swiped and before I knew it, this book was done and I was believing in love at first sight! Great shorter read one can enjoy while relaxing this summer.

The Akron Beacon Journal had this to say: The Road to Comfort, is the very spicy contemporary fish-out-of-water story of Juliette, a refined Ohio history professor. 

Let's go to the hop and have some fun!


  1. Wow! Akron Beacon Journal. That is great publicity Becky!

  2. Thanks, Renee. I just found out about it yesterday.