Sunday, January 28, 2018

Up Is The Only Option

I'll admit, it's been over 30 years since I've searched for a rental apartment. I should have guessed the old rules went out the window years ago. Now, in order to qualify for a place, you have to have 3x the income as what your rent payment would be. What planet are these folks living on?

I've had to do some fancy footwork
and be rejected already twice in order to put my house in order. It puzzles me that you can have hundreds of thousands in the bank (not that I do) but if you don't fit the formula for debt to income ratio, you can't play. It's been an eye-opening experience.

I'm headed back to NC next week from my base in VA, where I'll try once again to find an apartment that feels like a home and will not mind my little dog.

It's kind of like writing a synopsis before you write a story. You can have the best plot line figured out in your head, put it down on paper and it all makes sense, but when you actually start writing the story, things happen to twist your plot line around. You're left dangling until you can figure it out. Which is what I'm trying to do right now. My only option is to go up from here.


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    1. Thanks, Lynn. I keep telling myself if this were easy, everyone would be doing it. I'll find something.

  2. Wow...sorry it’s been such a hassle. I hope you find a place soon. So you are in Virginia now? Staying with family? I’ll miss seeing your happy face at meetings. Will you be going to RWA by any chance in Denver?

    1. Hello dear Amanda. Yes, I'm staying with a friend here in VA, near DC. I'm heading back to NC on Thursday to look at some more homes. Doubtful about Denver. I've done enough traveling this year already. But we'll see once I get settled.