Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Posting about Mary

My website went live last week, in time for me to generate some interest in my debut novel, The Reluctant Debutante. So far, the response to the site has been positive, except for the fact that, although I mention Mary, my little puppy-mill rescue, I didn't include a picture. So, here she is. Mary had her name when I got her. She was saved from being auctioned to another puppy mill by a faith-based organization. They managed to save two female dogs that day, and named them Martha and Mary. Since they had her for five months before I got her, she was used to the name, and it stuck. Given her background as a puppy-mill momma, I tell people she was named for Mary Magdalene and not the virgin Mary.

She's made me cry in frustration over the past year, since she's afraid of hands coming at her and she still hates to be picked up, although she loves to snuggle. She's also made me cry in happiness, like the first time she picked up a toy to play with, and the first time she crawled into my lap on her own. She still likes other dogs better than she does humans, but then, so do I, for the most part.

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