Monday, July 2, 2012

Release Day--The Reluctant Debutante

It's finally here. The release of my debut novel. After the first rush of giddiness as I signed my first-ever contract with Crimson Romance, I settled into round after round of edits, scurried to get this website up and running, not to mention all the other social media, arranged my own blog tour, and had interviews with the local paper. It was such a whirlwind that I despaired of ever catching up.

I gave myself the luxury of a day off from the job that helps me buy groceries (I wouldn't be able to concentrate on it anyway), worked a bit on my WIP, and keep checking hits to my website and my Amazon ranking (wildly inaccurate, according to everyone, but I check anyway.) The WIP is languishing due to my lack of concentration, so I think I'll pull on my work gloves and chain saw up the large oak branch that fell into my yard last night. At least I'll be able to see some productivity that way.

I'll pretend the fireworks on the Fourth are in honor of my release. And I'm being taken out to dinner tonight by two of my favorite people. Oh, and I have a book on Amazon, sandwiched between Julia Quinn and Nora Roberts. Life doesn't get much sweeter.


  1. Congrats! It's quite a ride! Enjoy every minute of it!
    D'Ann L.

  2. Awesome!! Congratulations!! I wish you all the luck in the world!!

    All the Best,

  3. So exciting, Becky! Congrats and best wishes for mucho sales!

  4. Good for you, Becky! I'm so pleased. And impressed that you're even know how to use a chain saw! I'd be afraid I'd cut my leg off!

  5. Way to go, Becky! (Just found your website. Heehee!) Will make sure to buy your book this weekend!!!

  6. Many congrats, Becky! I am certain that The Reluctant Debutante will be an instant favorite by lovers of the genre! It certainly was for me :-)

  7. Becky,

    Sorry to be a week late with my praise. You've accomplished something major and you should be proud of what you've achieved. Good luck to you and I hope The Reluctant Debutante does well.