Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gearing Up

May is going to be a busy month. My third installment in the Cotillion Ball series, Banking on Temperance, releases on May 6. Later in the month, my baby-boomer contemporary, Blame It On The Brontes, is due to be released. And, all the advice I’ve been getting lately is to keep your head down and continue to write, so I’m working on another contemporary, which I hope to have done by June. Add to that, a new women’s fiction line just emerged from another publisher, and they’ve asked me to resubmit some of my work. Be careful what you wish for.
So, I’m using the month of April to get my review requests in and my guest blogs lined up. You’d think I’d have a handle on it now, after releasing two books, and I am in better shape than when the first one came out. But garnering press coverage for a contemporary romance, and a baby-boomer one at that, is a whole different experience from talking about an historical. There are genre-specific blog sites, and review sites, and if you don’t do your homework, you’ll end up getting a 2-star review because you sent your book to an erotica site, and your book definitely doesn’t live up to that billing. Believe me.

From May on, my life will be crazy. I’ll have to set my alarm so I remember to get up from the computer every couple hours and let the dog out. Then, there’s our chapter conference in mid-May, where, for the first time, I can sit at the published authors’ table and sign my books. How exciting.

I do my best work when I’m juggling a lot of different things, but sometimes it’s nice to stop for a few minutes and just smell my roses, too. Even though spring has been AWOL in Ohio so far, it’s coming. And I can’t wait for my roses to bloom again.


  1. I did that in November - Released my paranormal - A Member of the Council the 5th, then the Bull Rider's Manager - the 19th.

    It was crazy. Did I get writing done? No. Especially since I had some minor procedures done as well as hosted Thanksgiving.

    But I think your plan to be pre-set is golden. You spend so much time checking out blogs and commenting, you need to be able to not worry about writing the next one.

    Good luck. I'll see you around the blog world. I'm releasing in April, May and July.

  2. Good luck, Becky. It's a great problem to have, isn't it? It sounds daunting, but I'm sure you'll handle it all beautifully, as you do everything else.
    You're my hero!

  3. You are so organized!! I'm like a headless chicken at the moment, faffing my way through my first release build-up! Good luck with your double release month!

  4. Nice post. Becky. I'm looking at a similar situation in July. Let us know how it all works out. Would love to hear about your reveiws.

  5. Oh, Becky, good post, but you're making me nervous. I have an ebook coming out in July, and I'm already getting the cold shakes contemplating getting reviews and the like.


  6. Becky, you will have to post pics of you signing books at the published authors table at your conference!!! So happy for your "busyness" and thanks for telling us all to keep our heads down and keep at it!