Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Excerpt time!

On September 19th, I'll be asking a question on The Romance Reviews. If you answer the question correctly, you'll be entered into a drawing for all kinds of great prizes. Here's the excerpt from The Duplicitous Debutante in which you will find the answer:

“So you still want me to play the part of Mr. Elliott for you? I could free myself up for a portion of the afternoon.”
Rosemary smiled the tiniest bit. “Do you think you could pull it off, Papa?”
“I will be the first to admit your mother is better at making people see things her way, but I believe I could pass for Mr. Elliott. After all, you had me check over the contracts before you signed them over the years, so I’m familiar with the legal end of your business. But you’ll have to tell me about your story line. What’s the hero’s name again? Henry? Henry Eagle?”
Rosemary groaned. “No, Papa. Henry is the villain in this case. That’s the name of the new publisher. Henry Cooper. My hero is Harry Hawk, a half-breed.” She placed a hand on either side of her face and shook her head. “Perhaps my plan won’t work after all. Henry Eagle. Indeed.”
Her father smiled and took one of her hands. “I was close, wasn’t I?”
“I’ve molded Harry Hawk after Joseph, and the stories I write are all based on tidbits I get from the letters sent to us from Ginger, Basil, and Heather.”
“I can pull it off then, since I read the same letters. Your sisters and brother do lead exciting lives on the wild frontier, don’t they?”
“And someday, I’ll get to join them in St. Louis. But for now, my source of income is about to dry up unless you can remember our hero’s name.”
“I got it. Harry Hawk. Now, tell me something about Mr. Cooper. Is he an old ogre with a hunchback?”
Rosemary smiled for the first time since she sat, as she pictured Henry’s face on a stooped-over body. “No, Papa, Mr. Cooper is a man in his mid-twenties, I would guess. Tall, dark, and handsome.”
Her father’s quick glance was not lost on her.
“And no, don’t get any ideas. You’re as bad as Mother. I have no interest in him, other than business.”
“All right then, daughter. What time is your meeting with the handsome Mr. Cooper?”
“It’s at two o’clock. I thought I’d come by the bank first and go with you to the meeting.”
“You have this all thought out, don’t you?”
Rosemary smiled, a true smile, finally. “Well, I have had an overnight to come up with a plan. And I am a writer. When someone says to find the man and bring him to them, I can usually figure out a plot device, given enough notice.”
“All right then. I must get to work and get my day started. I’ll see you at the bank around half past one then?”
“I’ll be there. Thank, you, Papa. Mr. Cooper will now have no reason to cancel my contract.”
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  1. I was living vicariously through you as you traveled through New York. I love Glimmerglass Lake as the setting for your upcoming novel. I can't wait to read it! Great post, Becky.