Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lots Of Firsts This Week

Yes, dear friends, it's been one week of triumphs. First steps on my new hip, first BookBub ad for the Cotillion Ball Saga bundle of three books which vaulted sales into the top 100, first novella trending well on Amazon. All good things.
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The Cotillion Ball Saga by Becky LowerThe Cotillion Ball Saga By Becky Lower
Ginger, Heather, and Basil Fitzpatrick were raised to follow their hearts — even if it means defying all of society’s conventions. Passion, suspense, and adventure combine in these captivating novels set in the tumultuous years before the Civil War. 
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Category: Historical Romance

I live in a Cape Cod house in a quaint college town, which has two bedrooms upstairs and two down. There were several reasons why I bought it, not the least of which was for the wide-board pine floors in the two massive upstairs bedrooms. Having lived in small spaces for so many years, I reveled in the largesse of the master bedroom upstairs. Sadly, those days are gone. The house no longer works for me, since it's best that I avoid stairs now. Thankfully, my great neighbor gathered the troops and got the bed moved down. So, now I am living all on the first floor.

My first novella, An Unconventional Courtship, is selling well this week, too. It was such a fun story to write, since I am already very aware of the personalities of Charlotte and George, the heads of the Fitzpatrick family. Now I got to explore exactly how they got that way. One of the reviewers said the book was quirky and fun, which pleased me immensely, since that's exactly who they are.

While I was laying around with my bum hip, I took a workshop from one of the masters in the industry. I applied her principles to the next book in the series, number 8. The edits are due back to me on Monday, and my editor told me her suggestions are very light, which was a first. So that worked, too.

Like I said, a week of firsts. What will next week be like?


  1. Let me be the ''first' to comment on your post. You are productive even when you are dealing with your "bum" hip. It is great that your Bookbub ad is productive. I've considered doing it, too. Maybe now is the time.

  2. Caught that Bookbub promo, sent it on myself. I'm glad the exposure is helping you out. Heal up soon.

  3. Thank you ladies. When I can rise from the brain fog that comes with surgery, I like to look at my numbers, and the comments made by friends. Loved having you visit today.

  4. Enjoy this week, Becky. So glad everything went well on Wednesday. Here is to more fantastic sales. So well deserved. By the way, let me know when you get your first numbers from Tara. I just go mine and it blew me away. Rankauthor isn't even close. BUT....NO DANCING! HUGS!!