Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Quiet House

I have a line in my upcoming book, The Forgotten Debutante, where Saffron tells Zeke he must be quiet as a church mouse on Sunday. Well, it's Sunday and my house is quiet. I am once again flying solo for the winter. My sister, who has taken such good care of me these past months, is taking a well-deserved reprieve. For three months, while I'm slogging through the snow and cold of an Ohio winter, she will be frolicking in the sun.

It's going to take me a while to settle in to my new routine. Because of my health issues, I haven't been able to sit at my desk for over a month. But, I've got projects galore lined up to work on and, with any luck, can limit the amount of time I have to be out of the house, dealing with the elements.

First on my agenda is to finish up the edits on the final book in my Cotillion series, which shouldn't take more than a week longer. Then, I'm going to query several places about my contemporary, and then dive back into the new historical I'm working on, which I left at the flash first draft stage. If I can accomplish all that in the month of February, I'll maybe not notice how quiet the house is, or how cold it is outside. There will be contests to judge, RITA books to read, cell phone to buy, and blogs to write. Before I know it, spring will be here. Fingers crossed that we don't get hit too hard with the icy grip of winter this year.

And maybe, if I can position things right, I can join Sis next year so I can avoid the worst of Ohio's weather. But for now, it's hunker down time. My dog, Mary, will keep me company while I work and get my career back on track. The final book in the series is nearly ready to be released, for which I'll mount a marketing campaign, starting with a cover reveal here as soon as I can show it to folks. And hopefully, my contemporary side will find a home.

How will you make it through the winter? Let me in on your secrets.


  1. Hi Becky, Excellent post! I'm also hoping for a milder winter. In any case, I'm hard on my work on a WIP and hope to finish and polish the manuscript before the end of February. Having a major goal for the winter months helps me get through.

    Take good care of yourself and good luck with all your projects. :)

  2. I agree that having a major goal is one way to forget what the weather is like outside the house. 8 weeks to go.

  3. I am home for the next few weeks. I'm hoping 10.

    Seems like I got more fun juice this time. I told them what I remembered from the last spinal and her eyes got wide... I didn't remember much more than the hallway. And my day of hospital was a little blurry.

    So if you need to chat, just reach out. I'll be here.

    1. Thanks, Lynn. I may take you up on it. Glad you made it through the surgery with only happy juice memories. I'm going to take off the brace tomorrow and see if I can start getting some strength back in the leg. See the doc end of the month. Are you working on anything?

    2. Starting to now... I have a cozy proposal I'm doing for my agent that I'll finish up this week and I'm starting Cat #2 on Monday.

  4. Keep on healing, Becky. My secret for making it through the winter? I work in a closet. Yup. A closet with no window. In here, with no distractions, I can create whole worlds. Actually, just knowing the weather is nasty outside keeps me snug and productive in here. Think of winter as hibernation/creation time.

    1. What a great idea, working in a closet with no windows for outside distractions! I like the hibernation analogy, too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Brr, that is cold! However, perfect opportunity to write, snuggle, write, snuggle, write, snuggle. Stay warm, it kind of sounds perfect to me.
    Tema Merback

    Writing as Belle Ami
    The One (The Only One) #1
    The One & More (The Only One) #2
    Coming 2016 – One More Time is Not Enough (The Only One) #3
    Twitter: @BelleAmi5

    1. Thanks, Tema. My dog, Mary, is a good snuggled. We'll get through the winter in fine shape. Glad you stopped by.