Sunday, December 15, 2019

Buffalo Plaid Time

This week marked the first day of the season when I had to haul out my heavy winter coat. If I were still living in Ohio, it would have been already in use for weeks. But this is North Carolina, where we just had a day when the temperature gauge got above 70 degrees. Now it’s dipped to the 40s, and it’s time to get serious about things. 

Fortunately, a few years ago, my sister bought me a jacket in my favorite buffalo plaid squares of black and red.

You could play a game of checkers on my jacket if you were so inclined. I have loved this combination for years, and would have it in every room in my home if I could. It’s available not just in clothing, but in pillows, dog beds, blankets, couches, bedspreads, draperies, etc. But I refrained from being a one-trick pony and only have the jacket. Although I did buy some wrapping paper this year that was buffalo plaid and the black squares were flocked, of all things. And I gave serious thought to buying a buffalo plaid sweater for Mary. Think of it­–matching outfits!

When I climbed into my new-to-me car today, and started it up, the heated seat and steering wheel automatically kicked in, because of the temperature, I guess. Wrapping my cold fingers around a warm steering wheel was an unexpected pleasure. So there are plenty of reasons to enjoy the occasional cold days this winter. 

I hope you can find reasons to enjoy the season, too! 

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