Sunday, March 29, 2020

Take It Easy

Week Two of semi-isolation coming up. I have only been out once this week, for a quick grocery run. If it weren't for the constant barrage of doom and gloom on the news, it would have been no different from any other week, except for my three times a week trips to the health club. I'm retired, and the two writing jobs I have are done from home. I'm used to puttering around the house, walking my dog a couple times a day, and working on my little spit of land here.

So why am I sorting through my herbs, and arranging them alphabetically?

The short answer is I'm finding new ways to fill up my time. I'll spend more time on my manuscript and possibly finish the third book in my Revolutionary War series early. I'll increase the number of articles I'm writing for the internet each week, as long as they last. I'll prune my roses. I'll knock some books off my TBR pile. Maybe I'll even do my filing. 

I miss my health club, but they're providing on-line classes to do at home. Everyone's doing what they can to get by. So, as I am coached through my morning yoga for seniors class, I'll think of all the money I'm saving by not having to fill up my car's gas tank, getting my hair cut, going to the dentist or eating out. 

That will be my silver lining. Hope you can find yours. 

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