Saturday, September 12, 2020

Racing Hearts

 As a romance writer, my books contain descriptions of racing hearts, broken hearts, etc. In the course of my lifetime I've had my heart broken a time or two, but it never raced. Until now. 

I spent two days in the hospital this week. Rapid heart beat and high blood pressure were causing me to get very dizzy. After a myriad of tests, I am pleased to report all my internal parts are in good shape, but I need medication to keep my pressure under control. 

One of the meds I had prescribed was for a medication that would coat my stomach to make the pills easier to digest. I woke up yesterday morning with chills, nausea, vomiting and the dreaded diarrhea. I read the info sheet from the drugs I got and the stomach coating one was responsible for all of my discomfort. The on-call doctor agreed with me to stop taking that one, so I did, and I'm much better now. But this will be a short post this week, so I can head to bed. 

Hope you're all coping well during this pandemic and the wall-to-wall political ads. I'm trying to not watch so much news, in order to keep my BP under control. 


  1. Ugh. Glad they found the issue. I was in the hospital in July with cellulitis. I hated being sidelined for three days. LOL But when it happened again, a few weeks later, I knew what to do and called in a Saturday virtual doc and got a prescription. :) Take your meds, stay off the news, and enjoy your writing.

  2. Thanks, Lynn, for the pick-me-up. I'm trying to limit my news intake and watch football instead. So glad it's back to some degree at least. We just need to keep going on, don't we?