Sunday, February 21, 2021

A Shot of Good News

The past couple of weeks have been even harder than normal. It seemed every day brought another dose of bad news from a family member or a friend. It's been hard to focus and I found myself wishing for one day where the only news was good. 

It didn't happen all in one day, but this past week did bring a glimmer of light in the midst of all this darkness. First, the refinance I'd been working on since December finally came to a conclusion and I signed the final paperwork which would give me the lowest interest rate on my mortgage that I've ever had on any home I've owned. And then, a few days later, I got my first Covid shot. In three short weeks, I'll get the second dose, and then, I'll be free to hit the road and see how my Mini-Cooper handles on a long trip. And, I'm no longer living in Texas, so there's that. 

Can't wait. 


  1. yay on the shot. I am on a list. :) Glad you made it through the snow and ice. We're starting to melt around here. Which is good.

  2. I too received my first shot yesterday and it does bring a feeling of relief. I'm not ready to take a trip or go to a restaurant or even get a long overdue haircut. But it feels like I have taken the first step on the road back to normal. Looking forward to seeing you in 2021.