Sunday, October 17, 2021

Grocery Shopping 101

 Since my best friend moved close by, I've had the opportunity to go grocery shopping with another person for the first time since my move to NC. And, being the keen observer of people as I am, I've noticed two things that set us apart. 

One is I love grocery shopping and she hates it. While she considers it her biggest chore, I love finding new items to try out and encountering new ways to tempt my taste buds. My rationale for these opposing views is because she has a husband at home who wants fully cooked three course meals a minimum of three times a day, so food in the house means she now has to cook. On the other hand, I don't have anyone pulling up to the table a couple times a day demanding to be fed. I can skip breakfast and steer right to lunch if I'm not in the mood. Or I can have dessert first and then, if I feel like it, fix something more substantial. For me, shopping for groceries means I have a wide assortment of food available and I can eat at leisure, instead of it being a chore. 

The second observation is not so easy for me to understand. While I toss things into the cart willy-nilly,  with the exception of eggs, bananas and, at least for now, pumpkin roll, she carefully lays her food into the cart, keeping the produce separate from the meats, etc. Then, she brings separate bags for frozen foods, and another insulated bag for meats, because, God forbid, the food groups should touch one another. I thought I had an orderly mind, but I think she has me beat. 

So, what kind of shopper are you? Does a tidy, neat grocery cart mean you have a tidy, neat mind? Does a scattered cart reflect the inner workings of a creative mind? Or do you feel none of it matters as long as you bring home the bacon? Inquiring minds want to know. 


  1. I try to be an organizer with my shopping so all the meats and frozen items get packed together, produce by itself, canned goods, etc. that way when I get home I can put everything away easily.

  2. I throw everything in, and often have to go back to get something else when I find something I want to make. No organization for me. Kind of like I write. LOL

  3. The baggers tend to place items in bags in the order in which they are taken from the cart. Keeping similar items together does make it easier to put away the groceries when you get home. This is especially true of items that must be refrigerated or kept frozen. Putting them together helps to maintain their temperature on the drive home. This is important in the warmer months. Just because you hate doing something is no reason to not do it right.