Sunday, November 29, 2015

Limitless Possibilities

The final book in my long Cotillion Ball series, The Forgotten Debutante, is at the publisher for edits, finally. While I love my Fitzpatrick family immensely, I'm ready to move on. But move on where?

And by moving on, I don't mean to a different publisher, necessarily. I mean moving on with my writing. Inventing new families for my readers to fall in love with, developing plot lines that are different from the Cotillion series. It's an exciting time for me, with my imagination being the only limitation placed on me.

So where do I move on? I could finish the time travel book, which has been languishing under the bed for years. Hmm, maybe. I could put a spin on a family tale and figure out why my grandmother and her siblings were ridiculed their entire lives for having Indian blood when a DNA test has proved that notion to be false. Hmmm. This tale has been discussed in depth for a number of years with my uncle, my dad's last remaining brother. He has his own version of what happened. And, after finding my great-grandmother's gravesite and realizing that all this time we referred to her as Missouri Belle when she was actually Missouria Belle, the speculation grew to the point where we did some hasty research on the subject. There was a tribe in the Great Lakes back in the early years called the Missouria, which merged with another tribe along the way. Could there have been a morsel of truth to the tale? And if so, how, since my DNA doesn't have a drop of Indian blood?

My mind began to spin in all kinds of directions. Yes, the latter idea proved to be the one with the most potential. I'm going to put an ending on the tale which makes sense. I just hope the Myers and Huffman branches of the family are not upset that I've stolen a leaf from our family tree to craft a story about.


  1. Good luck on your new adventure. I'm writing a contemporary romance right now and it's kicking my butt. Almost 1/2 way and it's due to my editor on the 15th.

    But it's good. And I'm loving it.

  2. Thanks, Lynn. I'm anxious to read your latest, since I love your cozies and your westerns.

  3. Becky, best wishes on your new direction. May the wind be your guide and her whispers be your inspiration. ~Ryan Jo

    1. Sounds like an Indian creed and something I'll be sure to follow. Thanks, Ryan Jo, for your insight.

    2. Glad you liked it. Just something I made up. Seemed appropriate to your post.

  4. It's always exciting to begin a new journey. A new tale to tell, and a new audience to appreciate it.
    Best of luck,
    Tema Merback

  5. Thanks, Tema, for visiting and for spreading the word. I'm looking forward to the next chapter in my own book.