Sunday, November 17, 2019

Getting Ready for the Holidays

If you've been following my blog for any amount of time, you know that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I attribute this phenomenon to the fact I come from a large family and there never seemed to be enough food to go around–except at Thanksgiving, when everyone got to eat until their bellies were full. The turkey, all juicy and golden brown, and all the trimmings, was eagerly anticipated each November.

Over the years, my many siblings have spread out, as my mother used to say, from sea to shining sea. So each year, we have carried on the Thanksgiving tradition any time of year when three or more of us have been together. Sometimes, it caused funny looks in the grocery store, such as when we tried to buy fresh cranberries and turkeys in July. But, for the most part, we had our celebrations whenever we could get together. 

Alas, this year will be different. At no time during this year were there three of us together, except for one weekend when we had more important plans. So, I'll be alone this year for the holiday. I certainly don't want to prepare a big bird for myself. I'm still eating turkey soup from the last time. I'm thinking of ordering a pre-cooked meal for two from the local grocery and buy a little pumpkin pie or pumpkin roll. It will be more than enough to fill my belly and put me in the mood for all those Hallmark Christmas movies to come next month. 

And, in celebration of the season, I'm giving away my novella, An Unconventional Courtship, to one and all. Be sure to visit Lauren Royal's facebook page on November 24 for freebies galore, and snap up a copy of my book now. I know it's a few weeks early, but Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. That's how we Lowers roll.


  1. Ah, that explains a lot. I, too, came from a big family and often left the table somewhat hungry. Mom let us choose whatever we wanted for our birthday dinner. I always picked spaghetti. Only three small meatballs (each of which I cut into quarters) but all the noodles you could eat. Poor Mom. Cooking spaghetti in August really heated up the kitchen. But she always came through.

    1. One of my favorite memories was when my brother was a teenager. We finished our meal and he got up, took his dirty dishes to the sink, and opened the refrigerator to see what else he could eat. He didn't remember doing it, but it gave us both a good laugh when I retold the story.