Sunday, November 10, 2019

Pausing to Admire

I recently had the opportunity to visit my niece, her husband, and their two delightful children. I watched as the parents tag-teamed the care of the kids and wondered how in the world you could do this if you were a single parent. But I know it's done every day, across the country and the world. In my own family, my sister and brother have both had to be single parents and raise their offspring. My admiration of their achievements keeps growing, especially after spending a day with my niece's enthusiastic kids.

Likewise, I admire the thousands of romance authors who not only have burgeoning artistic careers, but raise children, care for their significant others, keep the house going, have full-time jobs, and hold an office with their local RWA chapter. How do they do it? Was I ever so motivated?

The past few years have been at a slower pace for me. After having deadlines for years, and putting out two or three books a year, I've had time to take a step back, figure out what makes me happy, and write what I want to. I'm pleased that my next book will be coming out next year, that my second book in the series is close to the finale, and that my publisher has faith in my work. With all the recent emphasis from the national organization on diversity and making certain not to offend anyone, the playing field has tilted dramatically. It will shift back to a more normal stance in a couple years as we all embrace each other's uniqueness, but right now, publishers are being very careful. Thankfully, there are still publishers who can recognize a good read when they see one. I admire that, too.

And, in honor of Veteran's Day, I admire anyone who has served in our country's military and salute you. Thank you for your service.

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