Sunday, April 26, 2020

Trying New Things

If living through a pandemic has taught me anything, it's that I can't wait to do things. The timer is ticking. American historical romances will always be my first love, but maybe it's time to stretch my scope a bit.

I recently participated in an anthology about finding love in the midst of a pandemic. My short story is a 'seasoned romance,' which means, in the romance vernacular, that the heroine is above the age of thirty, and has a bit of seasoning in the romance market. In the case of my story, the heroine is well beyond thirty. She's a senior citizen. I think it provides a nice counter balance to the other heroines in the stories, and shows that love can be found at any age.

I had so much fun writing something in this century that I want to do it again. Historical writing involves a ton of research, and there is always the fear that the language will sound too modern. But, when I write in a contemporary setting, my heroine can swear like a sailor, can live alone with no one casting aspersions about her being a crazy cat lady, and can have had a life filled with cast-aside lovers.

I still have one more manuscript to finish in my Revolutionary War series, but thoughts are zooming around in my head about writing a seasoned romance series. Right now, I'm going to put a pin in it, but watch this space. More to come...

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