Sunday, November 15, 2020

There's Nothing Like a Cowboy

When I moved back to my home state of Ohio many years ago, I was surprised to repeatedly hear about the Western Reserve. Maybe it was because my interest in history had been piqued, but in all my Ohio history classes in high school, I couldn't remember hearing about it before. Maybe it was because I was living in the Cleveland area and when I grew up there, Cleveland was far away. Whatever the reason, it finally sank in that, at one time, Ohio was considered the western edge of the country. Cowboys didn't come until later. But when they did, the cowboy became the stuff of legend. I remember being riveted by those early television shows like The Lone Ranger and Bonanza. Later came the delightful tales of Brisco County, Jr. I loved them all. My first rejection letter came from the Bonanza show, where I submitted a screenplay at age 12. So, of course, when I began writing as an adult, I was drawn to the cowboy genre. Fast forward a couple of years, and one of my cowboy books, Gambling on Forever, is now part of a boxed set of six full-length cowboy books. And the most wonderful part of this collection of novels is they all have one thing in common--they feature a cowboy. Oh, and the price. Only 99 cents for all six.
Go ahead. Feed your fantasy of being swept away by a hard-loving cowboy. We all deserve a bit of indulgence, after going through an election, and dealing with Covid for eight months. Happy Trails to you! Here's the link:

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