Sunday, November 29, 2020

Turkey Coma

Like so many Americans, Thursday was a solitary holiday. It wasn't that unusual for me, since my family has for years not adhered strictly to the last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving. Rather, we celebrated whenever three or more of us could manage to get together, since we live all over the map. But for some reason, I decided to make this Thanksgiving, on the same day as the rest of the country, traditional and special. I bought only a turkey breast instead of a whole bird. My mashed potatoes were from a pouch, and my stuffing was a side dish instead of being stuffed inside a bird carcass. But, in the end, my plate of food looked very familiar.
So, for the next several days, I'll be dining on turkey. Mary and I are attempting to not waste any of it, but we are spending our afternoons in a turkey coma. In between our naps, we've both found ways to keep busy. I've got a new idea for a story and Mary's got a whole new stash of toys to play with, so we're both content. What are you up to these days?

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