Sunday, December 6, 2020

The Pause That Refreshes

Many years ago, Coca-Cola developed that slogan for its signature drink, encouraging people to take time out of their busy lives and enjoy a Coke. When you consider the year we've all been through, as we get to the end of the calendar, it's a good time to follow the advice of the marketing experts and take time to pause and become refreshed.
In that vein, I'm going to take the month of December to pause my daily routine and refresh myself. Reflect on the year to come and where I'd like my journey to take me in the next twelve months. Think about new ideas for stories and see if any of the ideas grab me by the throat and make it impossible to sleep because the characters are yelling at me to write their story. Or not. Maybe it's time to hang up the pen.

I may need more than one bottle of Coke.


  1. I'm in my 2021 reflection and planning stage too. However, I'm still writing since I contracted myself into a lot of deadlines. I think we need this fallow time to figure out who we are - today and tomorrow. I think about all the stories I want to write but have no time - yet. They'll be there when I do have time. Drink a Coke for me. I miss the fizz but not the calories. LOL

    1. I've heard from so many of my writing buddies that they are taking this time to think about where they want their writing journey to go, so it's comforting to know I'm not alone. Thanks, Lynn. Always enjoy hearing from you, and reading your next book.