Sunday, December 20, 2020

Time To Reflect

Family traditions come into play big time, this time of year. In my family, Christmas was never a big production like it is for so many. We never cut down a tree and brought it indoors. We had one of those silver things with a light that spun around, tinting it red or blue.

We never had much money for presents, so our gifts were meager. I remember having a day after the holiday when we got to take our favorite gift to school, and I was always embarrassed by what I had to choose from. Not too much to be excited about. So, instead of celebrating Christmas, we make a big deal of Thanksgiving. A time to eat all you want, spend the day in the kitchen with each other, and telling stories about how hard it was to find a turkey at the grocers in July when we celebrated Thanksgiving in the past, etc. Since my siblings are spread from the east coast to the west coast, we tend to put on the whole lavish food frenzy whenever three or more of us are in the same place at the same time. Rarely does our Thanksgiving happen in November. But the sentiment is the same. 

My best friend's family is a polar opposite when it comes to celebrating Christmas. They pull out all the stops, and I have a lot of fun celebrating along with them. But this year is different, and it's not wise for them to get together. I tried to convince them that the day didn't matter as much as the people you were with, and they could hold off on celebrating until we have the vaccine. But such sacrilege did not go over so well with them. Family traditions are not something to fool around with. 

I usually take December to reflect on the past year. Like most of us, I won't be sorry to close the book on 2020. Hopefully, the next chapter will be filled with love, laughter, and the ability to hug my siblings again. 


  1. Becky, we had the same silver tree, but our light wheel had yellow, blue, red and green. I didn't have glasses until I was six so everything was a lovely blur of color. :) Merry Christmas my friend.

    1. Have a Merry Christmas, Lynn. Hope your tree this year is a step up.