Wednesday, September 18, 2013

TRR's Blog Hop--Day 6--Amanda L.V. Shalaby

I adore Amanda Shalaby. Not only is she a wonderful author of two historical books, Rhianna and Audra, but she is a truly genuinely nice person. And she has gorgeous hair!

One of the best parts about becoming a Crimson Romance author is developing friendships among the other authors who are also represented. Sometimes, the relationships form naturally, as with other members of your RWA chapter. But the friendships I love the best are the ones that develop because you really admire the way a person writes. Amanda is an historical writer, as am I. (I do have a contemporary side, too, but with Crimson, I'm known as an historical writer.) So, the fact that we both write historical romances led me to first reading her book and vice versa. I was so impressed with Rhianna because it was so beautifully written. I kept going back and reading segments of it, just so I could hear the words. My dog got to hear many passages read aloud, because I loved the way the words felt on my tongue. Amanda's work is lyrical, almost. You can sense the waltzes taking place as you read. Her descriptions of the ballrooms and the gowns make the reader feel they're there, in the story with Rhianna. Here's a bit about the book:

Upon the unexpected death of her parents, Rhianna Braden finds the enigmatic Lord Guilford Kingsley on her doorstep. He escorts her to Kingsley Manor, where family secrets and scandals begin to unfold. Her uncommon beauty captures the attention of the dashing Lord Thayne Brighton of Ravensleigh, but Rhianna is certain, despite their mutual attraction, that he would never choose her over his wealthy intended. Meanwhile, Lady Lydia Kingsley suspects her husband's attention to Rhianna has led to an affair between them. Events turn deadly when the truth of their relationship is discovered. Eventually, Rhianna is forced to make a life-altering decision while discovering that some secrets are not meant to be kept.

The most recent addition to Amanda's booklist is Audra. We meet Audra in her first book, but she's a secondary character, and a child. In Audra, she comes into her own, and even though she's still young, Audra has a mind of her own. Read more of her story:

Audra Kingsley, a wealthy heiress, may not have seen much of the world, but she knows exactly how she wants her future to play out - and a coming out ball held at her country estate, Kingsley Manor, would suit her just fine. Her father’s wish that she be presented at St. James in London seems silly since she is to marry her neighbor and childhood sweetheart, Lord Crispin Brighton, but she obliges him.
Audra travels to London with her patroness, the eccentric Lady Sutherland, intending to return home as soon as she has curtseyed to the Queen. Unknown to her, Lady Sutherland is in no rush to leave London before the Season is over and intends to show Audra she has more options in the suitor department than Lord Crispin, a second son.
Audra finds herself surrounded by few friends and is forced to attend parties, balls, and operas - all while becoming the object of a secret admirer’s obsession. As Audra struggles to make her way home to her beloved, plans to compromise her into an unwanted marriage are underway.

I highly recommend Amanda Shalaby to you, especially if you enjoy reading historical romances.

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  1. Thank you for your lovely post today, Becky! It's a pleasure and an honor to be featured on your beautiful blog, and I'm so glad Mary got to enjoy some of Rhianna! lol

  2. Mary walks out of the room a lot when I'm reading my first drafts to her, so it's a huge compliment to have her sit and listen to me read your passages aloud. No crawling under the bed with her paws over her ears. She stayed right beside me till I was done! No lie.

  3. Love historical romances...we are a bit of a minority though! Great post, Becky, and Amanda's books sound wonderful (although I have heard much praise for her books before). I will be downloading books from you both today! And, damn, Amanda does have good hair!