Friday, September 13, 2013

TRR's Blog Hop--Romances That Inspire Me

On any number of levels, Nora Roberts Land, by Ava Miller, is an inspiration. When I first heard about it, I thought, what a clever hook, to tie yourself to Nora's name. You'd be sure to show up on lists that your wouldn't otherwise, you'd probably be invited to Nora's Bookstore in Boonsboro, MD for the annual booksigning event. Hell, she'll probably even carry your book in her store! What's not to love about this setup? As a writer, I wished I'd had the inspiration for it instead of Ava.

Here's the premise: The heroine's ass of an ex-husband blamed Nora Roberts and her books for creating an idealistic world where man and woman love each other unconditionally. No wonder they couldn't make a go of their marriage. No one could be the kind of romantic hero that Nora creates in her books. Clever, and examples of some of Nora's finer heroes leap off the page to remind the reader of what is being referred to. Okay, it was a great hook, and kudos to Ava. Still kicking myself for not having thought of it first, I began to read Ava's story.

She didn't need Nora.

This book is so well written, I couldn't put it down to go to sleep. My Nook ran out of juice, and rather than plug it in and wait a few hours, I plugged it in and kept right on reading. The twists and turns as the hero and heroine explore what is really important are the heart of the story. It's kind of like the cover. Nora may have opened the door, but Ava led me into her world.

It's on my current "highly recommended" list. For more favorite and inspiring books, hop on over to the next blog:  TRR's Blog Hop


  1. After reading your post, I just had to check out the book. Sounds really good, like books that you just can't put down no matter what.

  2. Hi Becky. I won book 1 of your Cotillion series from you earlier in the year, from an earlier TRR blog hop. I've enjoyed the series and am up to book 3 now. Anyway, not heard of this book before but I do read Nora Roberts books so I shall be sure to add this to my reading list!

    1. Hi Suze. I'm so pleased to hear from you, and to know that the blog hop actually works in building readership! Yes, if you're a fan of Nora, you should definitely check this one out. It's fun. BTW, my book 4 in the Cotillion Ball Series just released Sept. 9.

  3. I've never heard of this book before, it sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing!