Sunday, November 10, 2013

All I Want For Christmas--Day 3

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The spotlight today turns to Cynthia Racette today with her entry, A Child Is Born.

Two teens, assisting with a church Christmas pageant, discover the true meaning of the season through their own Christmas miracle.

The man who'd helped them stood by, obviously wanting to make sure they were okay.

"We're okay. Just a little shaken." Val eyed him more closely. He wore a beige tunic in a rough, coarse material. Over it he wore a dark brown cloak that looked like linen and on his head a black cloth with a woven band that kept his long hair back. There were others walking around, all wearing the same type of clothing in different colors, materials and ornamentation.

Sweating in her winter outfit, Val pulled off her gloves and coat and Jason did the same. The foreign man reached out tentatively, and felt the mohair of her fluffy green sweater. "Where did you get this? Persia, perhaps?” He pointed to her leather boots. “You must be rich."

He touched Jason's soft flannel shirt, tracing the plaid of green, blue, and red. "How do you weave colors such as this?"

"Uh, I don't know." Jason finally glanced around. "I wonder where we are. Can you tell us the name of this town?"

The man looked at them oddly. "Why, it is Bethlehem, of Judea."

As Jason and Val stared at him in disbelief, a frisson of awareness ran the length of Val's spine. It couldn't be. But a glance around confirmed the momentous truth of what had happened. Her eyes told her it was possible, but she wasn't sure she believed her own sight.

Somehow, on Christmas Eve, they had landed in Bethlehem. And a look around told them it was not the Bethlehem of today, but rather many years ago.

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