Monday, November 18, 2013

All I Want For Christmas--Day 9

 Three more delightful stories to entice you. And please visit The Romance Review's blog hop by clicking on the poster to the right to visit more blog sites, play games and possibly win prizes. Thanks!

A Christmas Surprise
By Janis Lane celebrating the birth of the Christ Child, a man and a woman are given a second chance at love, but will they find the courage to ake what is so freely offered?

Two widowed neighbors try to find the courage to move forward in their lives, rather than continue to live in their private grief. This is a very touching, perfect, story about people opening up the second chapter in their lives.

A Christmas Affair
By Kristi Lea

A lake-effect blizzard, a woman's effort to spice up her marriage and the husband who's content with their current matial status quo makes for a Christmas Eve neither will ever forget...

A husband, intimidated by his wife's business success, drives through a blizzard to get to his wife's side for Christmas Eve. This is a true 21st-century scenario that brought tears to my eyes.

The Christmas Snow Ball
By Lanora Mangano

Christmas comes early for two unsuspecting high school crushes, reunited fifteen years after one horrible rumor kept them apart...

Bullying is not a new phenomenon, and in this case, it kept two people meant for each other apart for fifteen long years. A most satisfying tale.

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