Saturday, November 16, 2013

All I Want For Christmas--Day 8

What, you say? It's too early for Christmas? Never! In my greeting card job, I've put up all the Christmas cards weeks ago. What about Thanksgiving? you interject. Ah, that's just a foodie holiday. My belief is people are so stressed in their daily lives that it takes a while for everyone to get in the holiday spirit. So the stores start hauling out fake trees and tinsel in October to nudge people in a Christmas direction. Our anthology was released in November to help people shift into that spirit. Here are three more stories from the anthology. If one of them makes you smile, we've done our job.

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Meeting Mace
By. C. T. Green

Encountering a scorching hot elf wasn't at the top of SERA agent's Christmas list... first line of this story made me smile. You'll have to read it to find out why. The first page had me chuckling. This is a perfect paranormal Christmas story with a sexy pointy-eared man who will make you sigh.

Forever In My Heart
By Sarah Hoss

Pledged to each other and eagerly awaiting a Christmas wedding, a young couple discovers Fate may have other plans...

If paranormal's not your thing, try this Highlander tale about two lovebirds eagerly awaiting their wedding night--until duty called. Kilts, or the lack thereof, make this an engrossing story.

A Highlander For Christmas
By Dawn Ireland

Legend has it that if the need is great enough, and the hearts pure, the magic of Christmas will guide the way, crossing all barriers to help two lost souls become one. Such was the case on this Christmas Eve...

This is a poignant tale about families lost, and a new family being formed. It comes complete with a damsel in distress and a kilt-wearing rescuer. Very touching.

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