Friday, November 15, 2013

All I Want For Christmas--Day 7

 Since I did not receive information from the other contributors to the anthology, and don't feel comfortable pulling out excerpts from someone else's work, I've decided to cover the remainder of the short stories in a review format. Here are the first three.

Christmas Came With The Courier
By Julia Bade

When a handsome courier shows up at Christy's door to serve her with a lawsuit, he finds the woman of his happily-ever-after, but this single mom isn't ready or willing to give her heart away again...

This is a sweet story about a twice-wed woman who isn't prepared to risk love one more time. She has two little girls to take care of and debts piling up outside the door. But the courier who served her with papers is about to deliver more than a document. He wants to be part of her life and deliver her the happy-ever-after she doesn't think she deserves.

An Island Christmas
By Joy Connell

Even in paradise, the ghosts of Christmas past can spoil the view of decorated palm trees and warm coves.

A cowboy on a tropical island is just what the doctor ordered to cure Celia's heartache. Sam is a no-nonsense pilot who flew into her life when she most needed him. Recovering from an aborted Christmas Eve marriage a year previous, Sam gives Celia the strength she needs to find pleasure again.

Weighting For Christmas
By Patricia W. Fischer

I'm glad I put a hot, naked guy on my Christmas wish list, but I didn't think Santa would actually deliver one.

This is a Bridget Jones story about a sassy, curvy woman who had one disastrous date with a sexy doctor. Six months later, he conspires to get them back together, just in time to grant one of her Christmas wishes.

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