Wednesday, November 13, 2013

All I Want For Christmas--Day 6

Teaser Time!

This excerpt is brought to you by Larynn Ford, who wrote another one of the short stories from SMP’s Chrismas anthology this year.  It’s titled CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS.
The hook: ~ Killed the night before their wedding, a ghostly groom finds a way to return from the dead to be with his true love … ~
The excerpt:
Lila scanned the faces of her tour group for any indication someone else heard the voice. She read disbelief, anticipation, but no hint of surprise on a single face. Not one inkling anyone else caught the whispers of a name—her name—floating on the air.
Did I imagine someone calling to me?
Not her imagination. She worried her bottom lip between
her teeth as she searched each face again. Nothing. No one else seems to hear this.
The lights in the historic library had been switched off during the ghost tour to hopefully entice some resident spirits to reveal themselves. Fragrant cedar boughs cascaded from the staircase railing, filling the air with holiday scents. The colorful glow of festive lights strung along the streets spilled in through the windows and reflected off the gold and silver ornaments dotting the evergreens.
Chrissie, her best friend, had chosen this ghost tour on their weekend getaway. Even on a friendly face she read no surprise, nothing out of the ordinary. Yet, the voice calling to her was real.
Familiar. So familiar.
But he had been taken from her a year ago. The night before their wedding.
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